May 2021

Posted by Lou Tonkin on

It's coming up to the time again, approaching the end of the month & when I start to think about opening my online shop on the 1st. 

There are a couple of new prints this month, the Swallow flight & May Unite & I'm excited to be heading out to my first fair for what feels like FOREVER in Fowey this coming Sunday the 30th of May, I hope to see some of you there but if not, as ever you can say hi on instagram or Facebook or you can come to my studio if you're living in or visiting Cornwall.

Last month I opened my Print subscription listing a little early because I had messages from people asking to join but no special measures this coming month- I will start to add a few to each listing from artheound 10am on  1st of June. It takes a little while to do this so please be patient, & if there is something specifically that you're looking for please type it into my website search bar, sometimes when I list something from my phone when I'm out on a walk it doesn't join it to a collection (reason unknown to my artist brain). Hopefully it will then show itself.

I will then do the same, close it done again when my order book is full enough.

with love from Cornwall 


"for all keepers of the fire" Robin Wall Kimmerer