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First of all- Hi, This is new for me, my first blog post.

I'm conscious that a new way of working is changing ahead of us following 2020-21 & we're all finding our own way to navigate it.

I've certainly made changes. As you might know, I'm now limiting my online shop opening times- this allows me to say within my own conscience when enough is enough, but also to better balance my life as a working artist & Mum, I'm so grateful for the support I've received from all of you for this.

So you know for those of you who don't, I now open my shop on the first day of every month. I did this for the first time in March having been closed for a couple of months over Christmas so I could concentrate on my teens being at home from school. In March it was open for 10 days, after that I closed it again to print the prints ordered, but to also develop new work & the monthly subscription. It worked really well!!

I opened again in April & because it takes quite a while to turn all of the listings back on I started with the prints, subscription & easier to package items like textile homewares- April 1st was surprisingly exciting! I had to shut it all back off again with a level of surprise as I'd reached the limit I'd set myself before we'd even got to noon. 

Which has inspired this blog post.... I need a way to be able to remind you all when the shop is opening, yes we have social media but we shouldn't rely on it, & yes its always the first of the month but we don't always remember & I'd like to avoid disappointment. Hopefully there is a way to subscribe to the blogs?!! No I don't know how, I'll try to find out.

But also I wanted to use this for connection, I don't see us all cramming into a tent or building any day soon for a Makers fair & I miss you all!

I personally miss conversations at fairs with other creatives, but also people visiting to buy or say hi. I miss the events to look forward to. So I wondered about connecting likeminded skills- there are things I want to learn or be part of, here are some:

*Any knowledge to add to my immediate environment in my garden- growing for wildlife or creating habitats in a small space

*I would like to learn about bird song, If anyone can help me locally I'd love to hear from you, maybe we could trade a print for teaching.

*Medicinal uses for plants, I think this would inspire my work but also enrich my life, if you have knowledge & would like to share that, maybe on a gentle walks with sketchbooks then let me know

*if you would like to meet & sketch- if you too would like to make new connections in a community inching outside for creative endeavour, let me know

*I love walking in different places with people to learn about new environments, do you have somewhere not to far away you think I'd like to safely visit?

*suggestion places to draw with my new studio van.

I for one am excited about this year,

Keep in touch,