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A few still picture details from my brand new lino cut print finished today.
This was one of those images that poured out of me from somewhere-I’d mapped out the image in my head & I tried to resist starting it until after the shop opening on Friday but I couldn’t!! & actually considering it’s one of my bigger blocks it took just a few days to carve.
The inspiration came from a few directions, firstly a cliff walk near by, it was a misty grey day, typical of this summer & the visibility to walk wasn’t the greatest, but out of the grey I heard the unmistakable metallic call of some choughs further below me on the cliff face, I was watching them play when one flew straight up from below giving me a beautiful full tummy view before flying back down to its clattering of friends. The next day I was in Falmouth art gallery & one piece in their exhibition is a taxidermy Chough, the words next to the exhibition really struck a chord with my mood at the time & seeing these choughs so full of life (maybe a bit grey with the weather), & following that the tallships event in Falmouth which had the MOST incredible queues.. it was frustrating but I was with wonderful friends & it really demonstrated how we can all gather together, how we flock together in one place when we want to… & what good could come from that? It’s also a deeply grounded feeling of my home, of this environment.
The flock of gulls was added later as I was working on it, it was almost too late to add them but I’m very happy i did!.

Chough flight is a limited edition of 50 prints handprinted onto off white Japanese paper-This paper is considered to be vegan as there is no sizing agent/wet strengthening agent/aluminium sulphate included in the paper, it is bleached by natural means and is compossed mostly of Gampi fibres, in black ink (also vegan)

All prints are/could be printed to order & will take a couple of weeks to be printed & to dry, please allow for time when you order (feel free to ask if I do have one in stock in the off chance before you order)

Each order is posted out from my studio in Cornwall, please allow longer than you’d think for it to arrive. Things don’t always happen so quickly posted from a one person artist & a little post office in a small village at the end of the country. Thank you.