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 Glimmer is a four colour reduction print with very limited edition handprinted onto off white Japanese paper with 22ct gold leaf. There are just 13 in the edition.

the print size is approximately 30cm x 40cm

every print is slightly different 

-This paper is considered to be vegan as there is no sizing agent/wet strengthening agent/aluminium sulphate included in the paper, it is bleached by natural means and is compossed mostly of Gampi fibres, in a rich earthy ochre, green, fresh blue, black inks (also vegan).

All prints are/could be printed to order & will take a couple of weeks to be printed & to dry, please allow for time when you order (feel free to ask if I do have one in stock in the off chance before you order)

Each order is posted out from my studio in Cornwall, please allow longer than you’d think for it to arrive. Things don’t always happen so quickly posted from a one person artist & a little post office in a small village at the end of the country. Thank you.