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Print-maker Lou Tonkin has been creating elegant prints and artwork for over 13 years. Working with hand cut relief block prints Lou creates print products & artworks from original limted edition framed prints to stationary & useful home items.

Lou Has been featured as a rural artist in Country Living Magazine, Simple Things magazine, Cornwall Life, Homes & Interiors & has her work available to buy from both her website or Etsy store or from many stockists throughout the UK.

Studying nature and the change of season is what has inspired Lou’s creative direction and is something that drives her to carry on doing what she is doing today.

The thing that inspires me to work is going out, it’s being outside, and standing by a stretch of water or a hedgerow, sitting in a meadow or by the sea, its being out there that fills me with excitement to the point I want to go home and record it”.

Lou is also a mother to three beautiful children & Moth dog

“My favourite time of day is very much first thing in the morning, it’s quiet, you can hear birds, there’s subtle changes, there’s no cars going past. It feels like the excitement of a new day every day.”