Artists note if you’re trying to order..

I do most edits on this site through my phone, I don’t have a technical team (it’s just me) & honestly I’m a better artist than I am website specialist. If you’re looking for something & it’s not immediately obvious try typing it into the search bar, it might not have added it to a collection from my phone- my apologies for not spending more time on this, maybe I will one day.

Also, I made a deal with myself reopening the shop in 2021 that I’d do as much as I can & then pause.

There are only so many hours in a month & some of them are taken being an artist- with time in the mornings drawing under candlelight which we love, or drawing outside then back at home & happily sketching out ideas, hours designing & cutting new blocks, some on the monthly subscription, some in the studio printing & some other hours packing orders, some walking Moth & some being a mum.

No one task should outbalance this & cause stress despite how amazing it is or indeed how comfortable our world has become to being available all the time.

This is all very different to how it used to be as a maker just selling at fairs with lots of work building up to an event, an intense weekend of meeting people & selling & then saying emotional goodbyes to your fellow stall holders & heading home to rest.

I’m finding a new structure that works.

& selling online very much has positives, its completely wonderful as is this community! But I’m going to show myself some compassion- when I get up to what I can manage each month with orders I will start to pause them, this literally means I’ll set their website listing to ‘draft’ rather than ‘active’

One month there might have been a good few print orders to print (thank you for each one) so I’ll pause the prints for the rest of that month because I can’t do loads, I want to do just some well. The subscriptions are also waiting their turn around mid-month to be printed then they need to studio space to dry & to be posted out (it takes me two whole days just to post the subscriptions) & of course many many beautiful orders from you to wrap & send (thanks for every item, I’m so grateful).

I will leave some things still available on my website open if I can beyond the middle of the month depending how busy or quiet it’s been, easy to pack items & again I’ll see how they go- pause them if I need to.

Then I’ll open it all again at the beginning of the next month & do the same.

In normal times things can be picked up from the studio if I’m around or at fairs if we ever get to do them again.

Thanks as ever for your support to me,

from this tiny village in rural Cornwall, UK